styled bridal shoot

Fall Bridal in Auburn


This styled was just for fun and my chance to finally meet and shoot with Jenny! She was so sweet and someone I have followed and loved the work of for so long. We put together this shoot, originally planning for a different location, but with the air quality and smoke from the Camp Fires we decided to head to Auburn. Our models were newly weds Diana and her husband. Makeup by the talented Alexa, and florals by Angela! Overall a fun shoot with gorgeous fall colors and a slightly smoky sky.


Oak Forest Bridal Session


Model: Marissa   Dress: Urban Outfitters    Makeup + Hair: Sandy N
Florals: My Boyfriend and I (lol)  from Trader Joes
Location: Los Osos Oaks State Natural Reserve   Photography + Styling: Sarah Ching
Chiffon draping tutorial at the bottom!

If you’ve scrolled all the way down and looked through all the photos congratulations! I know there were a lot, but I just loved so many of them! Special thanks to the team for helping make this shoot happen, and pretty last minute I must say.

How to EASY fabric draping: You can use any lightweight fabrics but I chose chiffon. The chiffon was around 45 feet from Jo-anns and just draped in the trees!  They didn’t end up having a piece long enough so we bought two separate pieces and used Ikea’s Iron Hemming Tape, which was super affordable (at $1.99) to attach the two pieces.

Also when it’s wedding season and all the florists are busy with weddings you just make your own bouquet, not the best but in the end it still worked out! Can’t go wrong with some quality flowers from Trader Joe’s.

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