Tentrr x Sarah Ching, Santa Cruz, CA


I had the pleasure of spending a night at a Tentrr site, semi-local to me in Santa Cruz! This specific tent was on the camp keepers large property, at the bottom of a small hill, so we were isolated and had our own privacy without being in the middle of nowhere. The camp keeper greeted us on arrival, and pictured below is her sweet dog who roamed the property freely.

We had a great time off the grid, with no reception, and just each other. Tentrr provides the tent with furnace, bed (air mattress), a toilet (a bucket with a bag and toilet seat), a table with benches, and a fire pit. While there were sheets and thin blankets, we opted to bring our own! Tentrr says they provide a “shower” (bag that can hang from tree, and can heat water with solar power) but we didn’t see one and didn’t use it since we were just there for one night. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Fall Colors in Yosemite National Park


The weekend right after our exhausting but amazing trip to Hawaii we decided to do a last minute trip to Yosemite to see the colors. We knew that if we didn’t take this chance, we would have to wait an entire year again to see all the valley ablaze with yellow and orange. Typically, Yosemite is in it’s Fall season mid October to mid November.

We left early in the morning around 5AM to catch the early light in the valley. We didn’t do much hiking this time but mostly just driving around and around the valley, stopping along the road to walk towards to creek to capture all the amazing reflections. The water was so calm that the creek acted as a perfect mirror to the colorful trees and towering rocks above.

We ended the evening driving up to Taft Point to capture the sunset and the purple skies. We saw a brave group of people slack lining between over a HUGE drop. I had a heart attack every time they fell (they were tethered at their waste). The colors only got more and more vibrant as the evening went on!


McArthur Burney Falls


After a year and half of trying to make the five-hour drive north to Burney Falls in Shasta County, we finally did it for our birthday weekend. The waterfalls are seriously a site to see, and one of the easiest to access from the parking lot. No hike required, just walk straight down to the falls. 

Lighting probably would have been better either earlier in the day before 11AM or later in the evening closer to sunset, we were there around 12PM-2PM so lighting wasn't ideal. 

Check out the rolling fog on Mt. Tamalpais and forest in the middle of San Francisco.


Rolling Fog on Mt. Tamalpais


I just wanted to share some of the photos from our adventure atop of Mt. Tamalpais across the Golden Gate Bridge. We got so lucky with the rolling fog and the trees peaking through. Not to mention the sunset that set the sky ablaze that evening. 

Some of my talented friends pictured above: Jaclyn, Ian, David, Josh, Crystal, Chris, and Matt.


Sutro Forest and Sutro Baths | San Francisco, CA


Sutro Forest
~1–2 mi, ~1 hr, Easy, West Ridge Trail, Historic Trail

I know, it’s been a while, but my external hard drive with all of my curated content crashed last week and I wasn’t able to recover any of it. I also work full time so obviously don’t have a ton of time to travel, so losing everything I had created was quite the setback. But here’s to backing things up and starting over!

How to get there: There are several starting points/parking areas. We entered from the West Ridge Trail, on Crestmont Drive. The trailhead is across from 482 Crestmont Drive, we parked a little ways down.

From there you hike up West Ridge Trail, and soon you cross Historic trail, take you either left or right. We decided to continue up straight. Basically we just followed trails aimlessly, eventually ending up on Historic trail until we took West Ridge Trail back.

We went on Black Friday for REI’s #optoutisde, and just wanted to get outside for the day. Honestly you should just wander all over the forest, there are so many trees an view of surrounding San Francisco from between trees. There is a view from the Golden Gate Bridge along the Historic trail if you take the left side of the fork.

I would highly recommend coming when it is cloudy, which is quite often in SF. We fortunately and unfortunately went on a sunny day, so didn’t get to experience the mysticalness of a cloudy Sutro Forest, but nonetheless it was a great walk amongst a lush eucalyptus forest in the middle of such an urban city.

I would recommend wearing shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy because it is so damp in the forest. Also dress warm because it tends to be cool under the trees, shielded from the sun.

Sutro Baths
15–20 min Drive From The Sutro Forest

Just 5 mi away are the Sutro Baths, a recently popularized destination at Land’s End. It’s a national park that used to be a privately owned public saltwater swimming pool that were open from 1896–1960.

Cross the Golden Gate Bridge for an iconic view on Mt. Tamalpais! Drive a few hours north and visit McArthur Burney Falls, what some people call the eighth world wonder.


A Weekend in Midtown | Sacramento, CA


Explore Midtown

A few weeks back I did a take over on @exploremidtown’s Instagram. I shared some of my favorite spots in the heart of Sacramento, the farm to fork capital. Midtown is continuously growing with exciting events and a delicious food scene. In addition to the posts I shared on their instagram here are some additional photos and spots that didn’t make it!

Coffee Shops
The Mill Coffee, Old Soul Co, Temple Coffee

A couple of my favorite coffee shops also happen to be in Midtown. The first would the The Mill on I Street. While I love the minimalistic decor of the space inside, my favorite part would be the patio in the back. It’s covered, spacious, and the perfect spot to get work done.

Another spot, is Old Soul Co, an alleyway coffeeshop that many may miss. We popped in for a latte and scone right after the farmer’s market. And let’s be real, you can’t go wrong with a place that has custom enamel cups with beautiful lettering!

While I didn’t go into Temple Coffee, I’ve seen many people take photos in front of this ‘mural,’ so incase anyone was wondering where this sign was, it’s at Temple coffee by the food co-op!


Brunch at Paragary’s
1401 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95816

And finally, one of my favorite spots in Midtown, not only for their food but also because the space is so cute, is Paragary’s! I mean look at the tile and the fig plants! Even though I’m raving about their interior space, their back patio was even cuter, so check it out for yourself! We ordered the Strawberries and Cream French Toast and Eggs Benedict. I highly recommend both.

Warehouse Artists’ Lofts Public Market
Kicksville Vinyl And Vintage, Old Gold, Fish Face

While the WAL Public Market isn’t technically part of Midtown, it is pretty close by and definitely worth checking out. Inside is Old Gold, a cool thrift store with Levi’s on Levi’s, vintage blankets, and endless pairs of shoes and retro jackets. There’s also a retro Vinyl store, Benjamin’s Shoes, and poke shop.

Ready to get out of the city? Drive a few hours north and visit McArthur Burney Falls, what some people call the eighth world wonder.