Tentrr x Sarah Ching, Santa Cruz, CA


I had the pleasure of spending a night at a Tentrr site, semi-local to me in Santa Cruz! This specific tent was on the camp keepers large property, at the bottom of a small hill, so we were isolated and had our own privacy without being in the middle of nowhere. The camp keeper greeted us on arrival, and pictured below is her sweet dog who roamed the property freely.

We had a great time off the grid, with no reception, and just each other. Tentrr provides the tent with furnace, bed (air mattress), a toilet (a bucket with a bag and toilet seat), a table with benches, and a fire pit. While there were sheets and thin blankets, we opted to bring our own! Tentrr says they provide a “shower” (bag that can hang from tree, and can heat water with solar power) but we didn’t see one and didn’t use it since we were just there for one night. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Fall Colors in Yosemite National Park


The weekend right after our exhausting but amazing trip to Hawaii we decided to do a last minute trip to Yosemite to see the colors. We knew that if we didn’t take this chance, we would have to wait an entire year again to see all the valley ablaze with yellow and orange. Typically, Yosemite is in it’s Fall season mid October to mid November.

We left early in the morning around 5AM to catch the early light in the valley. We didn’t do much hiking this time but mostly just driving around and around the valley, stopping along the road to walk towards to creek to capture all the amazing reflections. The water was so calm that the creek acted as a perfect mirror to the colorful trees and towering rocks above.

We ended the evening driving up to Taft Point to capture the sunset and the purple skies. We saw a brave group of people slack lining between over a HUGE drop. I had a heart attack every time they fell (they were tethered at their waste). The colors only got more and more vibrant as the evening went on!