sandy beach

Oahu Day 9 + 10 | Sunrise at Sandy Beach, Lanikai Beach


Day 9

Started the day at Sandy Beach or 'Broke Neck Beach’ to the locals, for sunrise. While it seemed like it was going to be cloudy, it ended up clearing up and being a really pretty sunrise.

I also finally go to try the Souffle Pancakes from The Cream Pot. The pancakes were pretty pricey but so fluffy and good. (Thanks for the rec Ian!)

Because we were up so early for sunrise, it was only 8AM so we decided to check out Waikiki, the most touristy beach on the island with all hotels lined up along the beach. We walked through one of the hotels, and while it was really nice, I didn’t love the touristy feel of the area. There really is just so much more on the island to see, eat and do. But they really did make the downtown area really gorgeous, especially at night.

While we were in the area we drove to Ubae for their ube cheescake tarts, 2/5, it wasn’t bad but pretty expensive for how small of a cheesake it was, it didn’t have a partciularly strong ube taste either. We went next door and got some laulau from Young’s Fish Market.

The entire trip, all I wanted was a fresh coconut, while there were lots of fresh coconut stands along the road around the island I never got one. We happened to stumble upon a farmer’s market where a guy was selling HUGE coconuts for $5, it even came with a handmade wood straw. He opened it up right in front of us, and explained where he climbed and harvested them on the island.

We couldn’t leave without one last stop at Lanikai, so spent our afternoon just relaxing on the beach. We also proceeded to do a mini photoshoot with our coconut before Jordan tore it open and we ate the coconut meat.

We got lunch at Rainbow’s, before visiting Jordan’s grandma one last time at her hair salon. I got their mixed plate and Jordan got the loco moco. Can’t go wrong with some good Hawaiian fast food. We also saw the coolest VW vans all over the island and here was a pretty green one parked outside Rainbow’s.

Day 10

Our last day we packed, had our last pound of poke from Foodland, visited Jordan’s grandpa’s grave one last time and finally tried the McDonald’s Ube Pie. Why did it take me until the last day to try this, it was so good, better than the ube cheesecake.

Before we knew it, our 10 days in Oahu were over! Belly’s full, a few shades darker, and rejuvinated, we were out! Until next time!


Oahu Day 6 | Kaneohe Sandbar, Crouching Lion Hike, Sandy Beach


Day 6 — Kaneohe + North Shore + Waikiki

There are almost no words to describe the Kaneohe Sandbar. It’s a huge bar of sand in the ocean where the tide goes up and down, on days where the tide is low, the sand just sits like an island above the water.

We rented a kayak from Holokai Kayak and Snorkel. After some research, most prices were competitive and around the same amount, but they gave us a good deal! Threw in the seat backings and an anchor. We kayaked out about a mile from the shore to the sandbar.

We unfortunately went on a cloudier, actually rainy day, so there weren’t many people around. While the sun did come out here and there, it was pretty cloudy. Still it was an amazing experience and hope to go back again.

We continued up the east side of the island on Kamehameha Highway towards the Crouching Lion hike. Put the directions into the map and park alongside the road north from the trailhead, there will likely be other cars there. Usually I hear this area is pretty hard to get parking, but we went on a cloudy/rainy day so had no problem getting parking. Walk south down the highway towards the ‘Area Closed’ sign and start here.

Stay left as you hike up, this is the more direct route. You will have to climb over a fallen tree. Unlucky for us, it was a rainy day, and while the uphill climb was cardio it was also pretty slippery from the wet mud. It wasn’t raining when we went up so were able to climb the 1 mile up pretty quickly probably in about 20–30 minutes. The views at the top were quite rewarding, we didn’t actually hike to the very point that is a singular rock since it started raining. We reached the overlook before it continues to the rock, they consider this the Crouching Lion “mini” hike.

We started to hike back down and this proved to be one of the hardest hikes I have ever done, not because it was tiring but because it was so vertical going down with no traction. Not to mention, it was pouring, and the mud continued to get more and more slippery. It probably took us about an hour to slowly make our way down, and we came back super muddy. I wouldn’t recommend this hike on a rainy day but would recommend it on a sunny, dry day.

One thing I did want to do was find a swing along the road on the beach. And when people say if you just drive along the road and you will find one, they were right, I probably spotted 3 or 4. {They were all along the east side.)

After our drive along the east side of the island we continued driving towards the North Shore. We stopped for garlic shrimp at Giovanni’s Aloha Shrimp which is the truck still on the east side right before you drive to the top of the island. This one had almost no line versus the other Giovanni’s in the heart of North Shore that almost always has a long line, highly recommend this location.

To finish the day we watched the sunset at Sandy Beach with our Hawaiian Sun Guava and Lilikoi (lychee) drinks. While it was crowded and touristy, it was a really great spot, this is also where the famous curved palm tree is.

This day ended with lots of dessert, we had to get our Matcha and Chantilly coco puffs from Liliha Bakery. Cannot recommend enough, we even bought and froze a dozen to bring home.

Followed by our search for the Modo mochi donuts! Tip: this location is IN the Mitsuwa Marketplace IN the Waikiki International Market Place. It was a tiny booth like storefront. My favorite donuts from them were the cookies and cream, and black sesame!