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An Overcast Day in Yosemite


Funny thing is Keith and I grew up together, kind of, we had been going to the same school and were the same year since kindergarten all the way through high school. Little did we know back in kindergarten we would be photographing each other one day. But it wasn't until his wife, Lynn, who actually also went to school with us, started photography after high school that we linked up!

This was our first trip together, and we spent a day in Yosemite below the clouds and among the mist. It was raining and snowing on and off all day, and while it wasn't ideal for trying to stay dry it made for beautiful photos! Not to mention, these two are pro-posers and models because wherever they go, they take the coolest self-portraits. Thanks for a really great day guys! Check Lynn out here

P.S. Now that we bought our National Parks Pass for the year, let me know if you'd like a session at one of our beautiful national parks!