wild flowers

May Flowers Bring May Allergies


Even though we didn't get a super bloom this year like we did last year, that didn't stop me from searching for this year's poppies. Had to pleasure of having a fellow photographer, Adrienne, kill it in front of the camera. Though neither Adrienne or I are stylists, we did the best with what we have, so if you're a stylist and want to work together on a shoot, let me know!

Let's just say this shoot paralyzed me with spring allergies for a full two weeks. But it was great nonetheless, from the rockier scenery to pops of color from the flowers, and grass that rolled like the ocean in the wind. 


Santa Cruz Flower Field Senior Session


I photographed Stephanie’s senior portraits in Davenport, along the 1, just 15 minutes north of Santa Cruz. We chased the sun along the cliffs overlooking the ocean. We even found a huge field of wild flowers, where I ended up walking through a swarm of wasps and getting stung six times, not the shining moment of the evening. Not to mention, my previous Poison Oak experience that I still hand’t recovered from.